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Thesis/Outline ExerciseThesis/Outline Exercise DirectionsRead all of the questions below carefully. Decide what the questions are asking, state your position, and list three reasons for your position. Then, write a thesis statement: one parallel sentence that states your position and lists your reasons (for all five questions).Email your answers to me at . (Rather than using an attachment, place your answers in the body of the email.) I will reply with feedback within a few days. Using my comments, revise only the answers that need more work.EXAMPLE:Question: Should people keep dogs on leashes when they are walking their dogs?Answer all questions in the following format:Position: People should keep their dogs on leashes when walking them.Reasons:1. Keeping dogs on leashes prevents the dogs from running in front of cars. 2. Keeping dogs on leashes prevents them from biting people.3. Keeping dogs on leashes prevents them from chasing cats.Thesis: People should keep dogs on leashes to keep their pets safe, protect other people, and prevent them from chasing other animals.Do not begin to write until you fully understand what the question is asking. The most common mistake on essay questions is not directly answering the question. Work at staying on topic!Thesis/Outline Exercise Questions1. The government loaned money to many banks to keep them strong after the financial crisis. A result of the bailouts is an effort to limit executive pay at these banks. Some argue this course of action is necessary because taxpayer money was used. Others insist this interferes with the free market system and limits the earning power of individuals. Do you agree or disagree with limits on executive pay? Support your opinion with detailed examples.2. Large retail stores can often sell a greater variety of merchandise at lower prices than smaller stores. When large stores move into small communities, many smaller stores cannot compete with them and go out of business. Do these giant superstores help or hurt American capitalism? Support your position with detailed examples.3. Many people who work in sales feel that working on commission is the best way to maximize their incomes. Others prefer less pressure to push goods or services on people who may not really want or need them and prefer the security of working for salaries. Which approach to compensation provides the greater benefit to employees? Support your position with detailed examples.4. Businesses often embrace the idea that teams produce better results than individual employees. It is felt by some that many different viewpoints produce the best results. More recently, it has been argued that teams produce groupthink, causing team members to simply agree with the group rather than think about what is best for the company. Can you support the case for teamwork or is individual responsibility more important in running a business? Support your position with detailed examples.5. When you order a pizza, you might find that the person on the other end of the phone knows your personal preferences for toppings based on past sales. Many other businesses track your personal information as well. Do you feel this a good way for companies to gear their marketing to specific target audiences or a violation of your right to personal privacy? Support your position with detailed examples.


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