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reply 100 words to student robert class 352 (250) words post:
Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL) play a vital role in the reverse logistics and forward logistics operations of companies that cannot or choose to not provide the important task themselves. The choice to not conduct their own transportation logistics is something that allows the company to work on other aspects of the forward or reverse logistics operations or chain. While a company may be very excellent at manufacturing a certain product it does not mean that they also have the ability or want to worry or contribute the time, effort, or money in ensuring that the logistical aspect of their product is met. Zappos is an online company that has partnered with UPS to ensure that the logistical needs of the company and the customers is being met. The Zappos headquarters in build right next to UPS in Kentucky to solidify their partnership to bring online purchases to their destinations as fast as possible, and also streamline the returns process. Zappos takes advantage of the partnership in that they can focus their time, money, and efforts in other areas of their company. UPS takes advantage of the partnership in that they are the only carrier of Zappos purchases and returns. This solidifies the partnership due to this mutual reliance in making the customer happy. The major short-fall in using a 3PL is that the reputation of your company is tied with the 3PL that you utilize. The fault of the 3PL can very well be projected onto the original company due to the association of the product was purchased from this company and the delivery or the returns process was terrible. The bad service of one tarnishes the reputation of the other as well as their own.
Tice, C. (2012). 5 Shipping Secrets of Zappos. Growth Strategies. Entrepreneur. Retrieved from:
Reply 100 words to student jermaine class 352 (250) words post:
This week we will be discussing third-party logistic providers or (3PL).  A third-party logistics provider or (3PL) is a firm or organization that provides outsourced, which is called third party, logistics services.  These services can either be part of or all of the supply chain management functions.  However, normally these services are value-added that go beyond logistics and can be related to the production or procurement of goods.  The realm of possibilities that the third-party can fulfill are:  transportation contracting and procurement, inventory management, managing and consulting on logistic matters, adulting and consulting on freight, shipment tracking, and reverse logistics just to name a few.
Because the services that a third-party logistics company can vary, there are quite a few advantages to it. One advantage is cost savings, since they can take on numerous facets of the logistics functions.  The knowledge and expertise they provide is also an advantage especially with the constant changing in regulations.  Handling custom issues such as lost shipments, delivery times, and tracking ability are an additional advantage of a 3PL.  With advantages normally comes disadvantages and with 3 PL there is no exceptions.  One of the major disadvantages and probably the most important is the loss of some of the control over some of the business functions.  Another disadvantage is the major commitment made to the provider and the possible loss of much market knowledge.  This could be an issue when you go to retake the shipping function.  Even though you will start out with cost savings due to using the 3PL, that may not be the case in the long haul.  
Scolari (2018). B2B Commerce Digital. Pros & Cons of Third Party Logistics For Manufacturers. Retrieved from:
reply 100 words to student chris class 352 (250) post:
Hello Class,
I will be going to the field for the next few weeks so that is why my forum discussions are pretty early. When discussing Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL), this is definitely important for any business to be versatile in general. 3PL companies provide the tools to improving the supply chain. Things such as improving technology, building up solid infrastructure or just about anything to maximize the efficiency and then outsource it to smaller companies. They are beneficial to any business and helps to make sure that you are up to date in logistics operation and of course technology. There are many advantages when it comes to 3PL. With efficiency, in the long run, it reduces overall cost and time meaning that there is more production that can go. It also gives you more resources to work with throughout the future of the business. It is not entirely always going to be an advantage to use 3PL. With great service comes cost, so cost will be a lot higher at times when compared to doing things independently. Another area that might turn to an issue is that 3PL would make the companies business partners in a way meaning that decisions and reliability will not always go the way you want. If location is a factor in a decision to bringing in 3PL, then I could see it as a huge disadvantage because locations aren’t always going to have 3PL providers so that means your provider could be far away which is not always great for cost or most importantly communication.


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