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Given the following information for Blue Bell Company for last year:Net sales (

Given the following information for Blue Bell Company for last year:Net sales (all on account)$5,200,000Cost of goods sold2,080,000Interest expense240,000Income tax expense280,000Net income420,000Income tax rate40%Total assets:  January 1$1,800,000 December 312,400,000Shareholders’ equity (all common):  January 11,500,000 December 311,600,000Current assets, December 31700,000Quick assets, December 31400,000Current liabilities, December…

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Steve’s LaundryTrial BalanceDecember 31, 2016Cash                              

Steve’s LaundryTrial BalanceDecember 31, 2016Cash                                                                                                  6,100Laundry Supplies                                                                               9,560Prepaid Insurance                                                                                  8,490Laundry Equipment                                                                           105,100Accumulated Depreciation Laundry Equipment                                    40,200Accounts Payable                                                                                  6,100Mortgage Payable (Due 2030)                                                              10,000Capital Stock                                                                                        6,000Retained Earnings 1-1-2016                                                                 31,800Dividends                                                                                             2,000Laundry Revenue                                                                              170,900Wages Expense                                                                                      61,400Rent Expense                                                                                        36,000Utilities Expense                                                                                   10,000Insurance Expense                                                                                    13,650Miscellaneous Expense                                                                            12,700          income statement, retained earnings statement and balance statement for Steve’s Laundry for the year ending…

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Cash                                      $ 26,500          Sales              

Cash                                      $ 26,500          Sales                                       $ 1,500,000Notes Receivable                       50,000          Sales Returns & Allowances            21,000Accounts Receivable                   62,000          Sales Discounts                              11,000Merchandise Inventory             100,000          Cost of Merchandise Sold          1,070,000Office Supplies                            2,600          Sales Salaries Expense                  210,000Prepaid Insurance                        6,800          Advertising Expense                       28,300Office Equipment                      64,000          Depreciation Expense -Accumulated Depreciation –                                 Store Equipment                         4,600    Office Equipment                 10,800          Miscellaneous Selling Expense            1,100Store Equipment                       117,500          Office Salaries Expense                    41,000Accumulated Depreciation –                             Rent Expense                                 22,150     Store…

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