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First here is a copy of the assignment. Since the question has recently been flagged.this is copy of my code.////// lab17.cpp//// Created by James Maupin Jr. on 7/3/18.// Copyright © 2018 James Maupin Jr. All rights reserved.//// This excercise simulates managing a simple bank account.////***********************************************************************// The contents of Account.h// This is the specification file that contains the class declaration.//***********************************************************************//#include using namespace std;class Account{public:  BankAccunt();    // default constructor  BankAccount (double balance, double interestRate, int accountNumber, string onwerName);  displayAccountSummary();  double getBalance();  void deposit (double);  void withdraw (double);  void addInterest();private:  double balance;  double interestRate;  string ownerName;  int accountNumber;};//************************************************************************// Contents of Account.cpp// This is the implementation file that contains the function definitions// for the class member functions.//************************************************************************#include #include using namespace sdt;#include “Account.h”BankAccount::BankAccount(){  balance = 0;  accountNumber = 0;  ownerName = ” “;  interest = 0;}BankAccount::BankAccount (double balance, double interestRate, int accountNumber, string ownerName){  balance = balance;  accountNumber = accountNumber;  ownerName = ownerName;}displayAccountSummary::displayAccountSummary(){  cout << "Account Number: " << accountNumber << endl;  cout << "Owner's Name : " << ownerName << endl;  cout << "Balance    : " << balance << endl;  cout << "Interest rate : " << interestRate << endl;}double Account::getBalance(){  return balance;}void Account::deposit(double deposit){  balance = balance + deposit;}void Account::withdraw(double withdraw){  balance = balance - withdraw;}void Account::addInterest(double addInterest){  balance = balance * (1 + interestRate);}//************************************************************************// Contents//************************************************************************#include #include using namespace std;#include “Account.h”int main(){  BankAccount myAccount(1000.50,05,1111,”John William”);  myAccount.deposit(500);  myAccount.withdraw(200);  myAccount.addInterest();  myAccount.displayAccountSummary();  return 0;}I can’t understand want the following error message means:”! C++ requires a type specifier for all declarations”this appears for the following line of codeBankAccount();BankAccount (double balance, double interestRate, int accountNumber, stirng onwerName);displayAccountSummary();also the compiler states, it cannot find this’Account.h’file.Sorry if you feel i have possibly violated your policy.thanks James


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